Kevin McFadden – RIP

Kevin McFadden sadly passed away at his home in Bradley Stoke, near Bristol on July 1st 2018.

Kevin, founder member, and songwriter for Misdemeanor, one of the country's best bands in the early 1980s, moved from California back to Bristol in early 2018, and was planning to start a new life with old friends and create new music. Kevin’s enthusiasm for all things musical and his great story telling ability, no doubt developed from his Irish background, will be greatly missed. Most of the tales he told were from personal experience living in N. Ireland, later the UK and USA and are far too funny and/or contentious to be repeated here. He used his great insight and his unique take on things to develop songs which were meaningful and stayed in your memory and was writing new material right up until he passed away.  As a personal friend for 40 years, I will miss him greatly.

He is survived by his six children, Leanne, Jacqueline, Connor (1st marriage), Katherine, James and Helen.



>> Misdemeanor

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>> What people said

" Only the lead vocalist, lead guitarist and writer of, in my opinion, the greatest rock band Bristol ever produced, Misdemeanor. " ...and later...

I always thought it was merely a matter of time before Misdemeanor achieved the fame their great music deserved and, with my spirits raised to alarming levels, I still believe it could be.

My iPod today will once again be bursting with what I truly believe is some of the best music ever made and the news that the man who made it all happen is alive, well and busy making music has just about made my year, never mind my day. "
Rick Johansen - Click to

" Many great nights were spent at the Bristol Bridge Inn and the Fleece and Firkin in the 80s watching what could and should have been a massive band. The quality of the lyrics and music were streets ahead of anything else at the time which resulted in big crowds at their frequent gigs. "

and another

" The band were massive in Bristol in the 80's and I still can't believe a major never snapped them up. "

>> Kevin

His music will live on...

Kevin chilling out with his HUGE truck with the kids.
Soundcloud cover for Kevin's songs

>> The Band

The original line up was:
Kevin McFadden
- 1979 -1988 (Voice Guitars )
Bob Watson - 1979 - 1988 ( Guitars Vocals)
Steve Capaldi - 1979 - 1984 ( Bass )
Keiren Wright - 1979 - 1981 ( Drums )

Misdemeanor produced this booklet to help get gigs in the early 1980s.  This is the fron cover
.. and this is the rear cover


Raymond McFadden - 1981 - 1981
( Drums )
Phillip Rice - 1981 - 1987 ( Drums )
Lyndon Perry - 1984 - 1985 ( Bass )
Jeff Workman - 1985 - 1988 ( Bass )
Simon Rippen - 1987 - 1988 ( Drums )
Jezz Jackson - 1986 - 1988
( Keyboards )
Eddie Parsons - 1987 - 1988 ( Drums )

Kevin with his right hand man, Bob Watson at the Bristol Fleece together with new bass man.

>> How it all evolved

Formed in 1979 from the ashes of Vitus Dance the line-up was Kevin McFadden, Bob Watson, Steve Capaldi and Kieren Wright. For a while they were under XTC's management team, Ian Reed and Dennis Detheridge.

They were the first rock band to play at The Bristol Bridge Inn in March 1982. Traditionally a 'Jazz' pub the crowd walked out after the first few numbers! However they soon built up a following and played there three or four times a month for the next couple of years counting Bananarama amongst their audience.

They attracted particular interest from local BBC Radio DJ's Al Reed and Andy Westgate who gave them regular airplay. This resulted in a management deal with Dennis Sheehan who also managed Iggy Pop, was a festival organiser and later became U2's tour manager. Dennis had an impressive musical history. He was sound engineer for Stone The Crows in the 1970s, and in fact was hurt himself when Les Harvey (lead guitarist) was electrocuted. Later still Dennis was sound and tour manager for Led Zeppelin. Through Dennis they were taken under the wing of Steve Todd from the Wasted Talent Agency who were promoting most of the biggest bands worldwide and offering Misdemeanour support slots.

They parted company with Dennis in 1986 and advertised for a manager in NME. The ad was answered by Mark Handy who arranged gigs in Paris and launched a supporters club with over 2000 members.

Regrettably, their recorded material never lived up to their live performances. They were disappointed with their appearance on the BBC T.V programme 'R.P.M' in February 1981 where they felt that the set had no atmosphere (The result of hours of repeating the same material in a TV studio for camera angles and the like). It resulted in a falling out between Steve and Keiren which resulted in Keiren being thrown out of the band. He was replaced by Kev's brother on drums but the band never seemed to recapture their old sparkle and fire.
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At the time, being managed by Dennis seemed like a great opportunity, but they later discovered that he had turned away Press and A & R interest as he was concentrating his efforts on U2. One of their biggest regrets is that the offer of a tour of the South Coast of America with R.E.M never materialised. Despite the band having made the offer personally, Dennis cancelled without their knowledge as he didn't consider it of benefit!

Later, of course, Kevin would go on to write some amazing compositions with the new enlarged Misdemeanor, Including the awesome 'Walls Of Shame', 'Indian Times' and would pursue his 'American Dream'. Take a listen on iTunes to all the tracks now available as downloads.

Oh what might have been.....

Original text from and amended / edited / added to by Paul Cary.

>> Litttle known facts

At one point whilst under management by XTC's management team of Ian Reed and Dennis Detheridge, Kevin was asked to join XTC, but wanted to develop his own music and so declined.


Later, Dennis Sheehan (ex soundman and tour manager for Stone the Crows and Led Zeppelin) became their manager. Dennis was away touring the States with U2. Kevin was in bed at home in Bristol, when the phone rang at 4am!! It was Dennis... "
" Dennis, What the ****, do you know what time it is in the UK.. "
screamed Kevin.

Dennis said calmly, " I've got someone here who wants to talk to you and handed the phone over "


The conversation which followed lasted a good half hour? U2 were supporting Springsteen at a show and Dennis knew what a fan Kevin was of Bruce...


This was a storming gig at Worcester Teachers College

" Dennis (Sheehan) used to think it great to get people to call my ma and she would tell them I was eating my dinner or I was in the shower so call back!

" It became a huge joke to be blown off by my ma. She would tell me a man called David Bowie called, Iggy Pop or Phil Lynott.  They all thought it hysterical. "
Kevin McFadden

Soundcloud cover for Kevin's songs >> PRESS

Misdemeanor, one of the most popular live acts of the Bristol circuit, have released their first single.
A double A-side
Come Inside and Clear Water, it features the powerful rock and well crafted lyrics that have earned the band such an enthusiastic following. Both songs, written by singer Kevin McFadden, are based on his first hand experiences of life in Northern Ireland.
Radio One GJ Johnny Walker has already shown interest in the single and the band are hoping to pick up local radio airplay. Despite being around in one form or another for about five years this is the band’s first single: “It’s aimed maily at our local following who have supported us so well but up until now  have had nothing on vinyl, “ said the band’s promoter John Bailey. The record is already selling well and is available only at Rival Records in Bristol and Bath.
Bristol Post

>> With Thanks

For the photos…  Ian Storror, Shirley Theadom (Cary). For the words… Bristol Archive, Rick Johansen and me, Paul Cary.

and not forgetting Jeff Capaldi (Duracell), Adrian Glinn, John Bailey, Alfie Noakes and Arthur Guinness.

But most of all to Kevin for travelling his own path and pursuing his American Dream…

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